Friday, March 04, 2005

My Phone Can Beat Up Your PDA

So, I bought the Motorola MPx220. It totally rules, and I am hella excited about the idea of having a phone I can write programs for. Or having a phone for which I can write programs. Whatever.

The camera is a bit of a disappointment, and I kind of wish it took regular SD cards instead of mini-SDs. Especially since I bought a 1 GB SD card thinking it would work. I did end up buying a 256 MB mini-SD, but I don't feel like quite the big man I would if I could carry a gig of Pictures of Richard Nixon on my phone.

The first application I want to write is a bowling tracker. After each frame, I can come tell it whether I threw a strike, a spare, or an open, and the pins I left as a spare if applicable. Then it would sync with a desktop component that would store everything in a database and calculate some meaningful values like:

Average Score
Average Score by Game (1st, 2nd, or 3rd of three game sets)
Strike Percentage
Spare Percentage
Single Pin Conversion Percentage
Multi-pin Spare Conversion Percentage
Split Leave Percentage
Split Conversion Percentage

I would like to make it capable of tracking more esoteric stats than you would even hear from a baseball announcer.

I am sure it would sell more copies than Windows 95 did. I mean, come on. Bowlers serious enough to take the effort to record each shot who also happen to have a smart phone running Windows? That is no niche market! Actually, I think I am the only one.

In bowling related news, I had the first nine strikes in the first game of league the week before last. I threw the first shot in the tenth too softly, it finished high and I ended up shooting 277. I suck.


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