Friday, November 12, 2004

All You Need Are Hubs To Start a LAN Party

So, the devil machine axed me the other day if I wanted to go see The Weaker Thans with him. I wasn't too familiar with The Weaker Thans, but the devil machine is always good company, so I told him I'd go.

Later in the week, he called me and told me that Piebald was playing as well. I like Piebald quite a bit, and I had never seen them, so I was super pumped.

We got to the show and found out it was all ages. This means I was the oldest guy there that didn't look like the black sheep brother in Santa Clauses family.

The thing about hanging out with the devil machine is that he owns/operates a restaurant, and has many young, attractive girls in his employment. As it turned out, several of them came to the show.

I lose sight of the devil machine, so I decided to just watch the show and worry about finding him afterward. One of the afore mentioned subordinate hotties comes up to me and says, "You know they got kicked out, right?"

No. No, I didn't.

So I follow her outside and the whole crew is out there. I ax devil machine what is up, and he explains that a girl of legal age let an underage girl drink out of her beer, but he got the blame and they kicked him out.

All in all, I had a pretty good time. I was about ready to leave anyway, so their getting kicked out was not a big deal. I got to shoot some pool, drink some beers, hear some tunes, and talk to some people, so it wasn't a bad night. Piebald did let me down a little bit. They did play three of the top five songs I wanted to hear, but they did it like they were in a hurry to get the hell out of there. Maybe I am just a dick. I haven't been impressed by a live band in a long time.


At 3:19 PM, Blogger gus away from the metroplaza said...

the devil machine didn't mention that you were at the show too. I suspect that Piebald was in a hurry because they had a limited set. Did they open there? They played here the next night, but I didn't feel like going to emo's two nights in a row (damn, I'm getting old). Last time I saw piebald, they were headlining and it was a great show. They basically played until they ran out of songs to play even took requests. Since there were only a couple hundred people there, they ended up playing both of my requested songs (anything by slayer, and "All You Need Are Drums to Start a Dance Party"). It was a great show all the way around, but the all ages aspect definitely got on my nerves. There were these stupid girls in front of me who were "flirting" with each other. One of them kept trying to get the other to slap her ass while she danced. Teen lesbianism is all the rage. Now lift up your shirt and stick your tongue out for the GGW camera.

At 4:08 PM, Blogger masman21 said...

I can relate to the too old to be here feeling. Halloween my crüe and I went to Rilo Kiley and Now It's Overheard up in LA, all ages. I also forgot how to pace my drinking at a concert that night, Smoosh, an 8 yr old drummer and 10 yr old keyboard player, opened the show. They were good for their age I guess, but the Crown and Sprite tasted better. Then Tilly and the Wall played, very interesting, they tap dance for percussion.? So needless to say the Crown was in full affect by the time the good bands got there. Sets were short because all the kids had to be at school the next day, so it wasn't the best of shows, but I didn't let that stop me from having my own party. Which looking back, I must have been that old drunk guy, aka Matthew McCantact in Dazed and Confused. Yeah for me.


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