Saturday, October 23, 2004

Brush with Greatness 2: Electric Bugaloo

On Friday I was hanging out in the dotnetrocks chat room on efnet as I often do during the live show. The chatters were graced with the presence of Robert Scoble, Microsoft employee, the foremost authority on blogs, probably the world's most voracious blog reader (2200+), and from what I could tell, all around cool guy. A lot of people were responding to everything he said, so he kind of had to choose who he wanted to respond to. For a couple of minutes, that person was me. I thought that was hella cool. He told me story about urging Bill Gates to make a certain business decision about the future of Microsoft when he was in the process of getting hired.

I felt pretty cool about getting to chat with him. Then, my over-active analytical skills went to work and I began accusing myself of being a celebrity worshipper. After a brief period of self-deprecation, I realized that he has direct conversations with Bill Gates, Bill Gates runs Microsoft, and Microsoft is a significant player in determining relevant aspects of modern and future society. I am allowing myself to tard out over this a little. It is not like I was getting excited about chatting with someone like Jay Lenno or Julia Roberts. That would be pathetic...


At 9:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey James,

I was on an airplane when that show was goin' on .. too bad I missed it, but really didn't want to. I will be in the next one for sure !! :)

- Sahil


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