Friday, September 24, 2004

In the Beginning,...

So I thought it was about time I get a blog. I have all the characteristics of a good blogger. I'm opinionated, passionate, apathetic, insecure, arrogant, eloquent, illiterate, and I under utilize spell check. I have a bunch of rants that my friends are tired of hearing. Well, most of my friends have moved away, but that is another story.

I suppose I should give a little background about myself just any case someone is pathetic or enlightened enough to read this. As of this writing, I am moving into my late 20's. I am a software engineer. I do contract work for a government agency. It's a real h00t, let me tell you. Actually, I like my job, but I have a co-worker that I hate every fiber of this individual's being. From this point forward, this co-worker will be referred to as the antichrist, or AC for short, but try to not conjure up images of Slater as that would not be conducive to portraying the image I have in mind of this individual.

For other coders out there, my current project is a conversion of seven DOS programs to four windows programs. I have been working on this for two and half years and I am almost done finally. I am using MFC because I thought it would be quicker since I hadn't done much windows programming when I got hired. I have been listening to DotNetRocks, (2) a lot lately, and think Rory, and Carl have me brainwashed into thinking that native applications are going the way of the dodo, or Crystal Pepsi.

I am also a big music fan. I am currently listening to "Cool Rock Boy" by Juliana Hatfield. She's cooler than me. Okay, my attention span is spent and my carpal tunnel is flaring up.


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