Sunday, October 17, 2004

I don't generally sleep well. I am often bothered by dreams that are so disturbing or nonsensical that I would be way too uncomfortable to share them. But the other night, I had a dream that was entertaining and strange, but not so strange to earn me a spot on the government's super secret list of people to monitor because they are like bad and stuff. So here it goes...

While I am a moderately successful software engineer, my dream had me returning back to my high school job of concourse boy at the bowling alley. I was still the same age as I am now, so my opting to do this made little sense. The bowlers had changed since my stint there during high school. The bowlers were fatter, drunker, and angrier than I had remembered. Even though it was not part of my responsibility when I had the job in real life, apparently now I had to deliver food from the snack bar the the fat, drunk, angry bowlers. My first task was to deliver an eight foot long sub, which had been conveniently cut into two four foot sections, to a fat, drunk, angry bowler. I had somehow gotten some of the condiments of the sub on my hand, and I felt that was too un-hygenic, despite the fact that the fat, drunk, angry bowler probably should not have expected much in the way of cleanliness when ordering food from a bowling alley. I could find no napkins, no paper towels, nothing to get me out of my predicament. Panic set in. Suddenly, the owner's wife appeared. She told me I had a phone call, and I could take it her office. The sub magically disappeared from my hands. This is typical in my dreams as I have no patience for a segue when my focus has shifted. I pick up the phone and obviously the caller was Arnold Swarzenegger. He asked me why I had given him a bad review on his performance as California's governor. I was confused. Then I seemed to remember that I had earlier read an article on slashdot the stated Arnold was personally calling people who gave him bad reviews on an online survey he had setup. Slashdot had links to the survey, and I figured I would give him a bad review and see if he would call. I mean, if it has been posted on slashdot, surely he could no longer personally deal with of the bad reviews. So when he asks me, I completely froze up. All I kind think about was all the time I had spent as a kid watching Commando with my mom. I muttered out some half assed excuse about being very critical of all politicians and I was in a bad mood and I wasn't really even familiar with much of what he had done as governor. I am not sure where the dream went next. I think I woke up soon. My dreams don't ever really seem to climax, and apparently my blog posts don't either.


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